All About DotPy

Why Python as our forte ?

Some of the top reasons wy we chose to specialize in Python development and why it in 2020 is passed Java as the most popular development language in the world. Python is a powerful and high-level programming language that has many outstanding features

The range of applications that Python is used for on any operating system or hardware (Desktop applications, Web applications, machine learning, Big data and a world leader in AI).

Some of the world’s top web applications are written in Python

Yahoo maps
All utilise Python extensively.

With the list of top companies growing every day to build useful and reliable desktop applications geared for everyday work, building web based shopping applications all the way to insurance and medical aid companies that can get reliable artificial intelligence plans of action for saving and future profit
How Python links with security and cloud, Pentesting (network penetration testing)
With the current trend of companies having their employees working form home there has been a huge increase in web based Cyber-attacks, Python useful for cybersecurity professionals because it can perform a multitude of cybersecurity functions, including malware analysis, scanning, and penetration testing tasks. DotPy believes in a complete solution by teaching the CompTIA range of courses (Security + and Pentest+) with a Python Cyber security framework 

The DotPy Team

Emeric Forrest

 Emeric (picture from his prom night)

Emeric Forrest has been in the development industry with his first successful project (a web based mobile phone repair tracking system using a combination of HTML and Perl) there after studying for His MCSD in Java before moving to CTU in 2004 where he has taught everything from application development to networking – he has worked as an ecommerce developer for Wesbank, a CRM developer for bytes technology group an Account manager at Comsol Microwave L2 internet suppliers and many more.

Chumani Magwa 

Chumani (picture from police file)

Chumani is a seasoned professional who is results driven with a track record of developing strategies, as well as achieving multi-million dollars targets contributing to positive year on year growth for the business. He has experience working in Education Sector in Training and Development, Public Sector and Corporate organizations in South Africa. He has excellent business acumen coupled with the ability to enable organizations to meet their objectives. Chumani has provided Innovative solutions and services in education that enable modern learning in the new digital world - developing & delivering unique educational services, experiences and empowering individuals across South Africa and Africa.

Dip Rawal

Dip Rawal (picture from his first job where he had to wear a tie) 

Dip Rawal has been a geek since the early days and got into fixing the computers at school and his neighbors before going into rooting and jailbreaking devices for people. Dip moved into Development first with the front end with HTML ,CSS , Bootstrap and later moved into full stack Development. He has taught at HyperionDev as the sole mentor at their Johannesburg campus where he fell in love with teaching technologies from every facet. He freelances a lot building everything from websites to desktop applications for clients.

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