DotPy Corporate

DotPy for corporate and learnerships

DotPy Corporate

DotPy is able to deliver the upskilling of corporate employees who must be on the forefront of technology. With automation and streamlining of processes taking place corporates do not have the ability to have downtime with its personel catching up with the crowd, this is where DotPy can help immensively.

Our corporate packages are short term bootcamps aimed to get an individual up to speed as quick as possible with the best time to skills ratio.

Courses Offered

Introduction to Python

CompTIA courses

SQL bootcamp

PostgreSQL introduction

DotPy for Learnerships

DotPy aims to empower and it does so with the use of learnerships that empower individuals to enter the lucrative tech industry. DotPy offers learnership courses that will ensure the individuals coming in gather a work ready skill set.

Courses Offered

Cloud (Azure)


Cyber Security

Microsoft Office

Database Management Systems

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